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June 21 marks the calendar start of summer and with that comes the longest days of the year. Because of this, average temperatures across the southern and central plains are substantially warmer when compared to those in the middle of May. This meteorological scenario shifts the average track of the polar jet stream and its associated storm systems responsible for severe weather to the north. While severe thunderstorms are still possible across the Southern Plains, the central and high plains become statistically favored for severe weather events during this period of time.
Each day of the tour will have the same goal: get to the best possible location to photograph incredible supercells over the great plains. We will start each day with a weather discussion led by our forecaster. Along the way, we will explain the weather patterns present and how we plan to intercept the storm at the perfect moment. Expect to learn more than you ever thought possible about weather and the conditions of the supercells. We will also conduct photography education sessions explaining in-the-field techniques and dedicated post-processing sessions.
All of our tours start and end in Denver, Colorado. We will provide transportation and lodging for the duration of the tour. Additional information will be sent upon registration.
Lead Forecaster

Steve Saviano

Steve Saviano is the lead forecaster and founder of Skyscape Photo Tours. He is educated in meteorology and has had a life long interest in thunderstorms and their associated phenomena. With over 20 years of storm chasing experience, Steve has developed the ability to consistently place his tour guests in prime position to photograph the spectacular storms that occur across the great plains.

We combined experts in two disciplines to fully optimize your experience. Our lead forecaster will track and intercept the storm at the best possible location so that our team of professional photographers can guide you in making the most of the conditions.
Expect to spend a lot of time in the car driving to the best location to photograph the supercells. After the chase has concluded for the day, we will find a nearby hotel for the evening. Because of the highly variable nature of storms, we are not able to accurately predict the exact route of our chase. We have relationships at dozens of hotels along the plains and will find a single occupancy room for you every night.
Above all else, we value safety. Our specialty is getting clients to a position where the storm is most photogenic. Most of the time, that approach would keep us at a greater distance from the storm compared to other chase companies that may drive much closer to a potential tornado.
Transportation, lodging and education are included in the price. We will be coordinating no-host meals as the storms allow and stopping for snacks and beverages several times during the day.
Total Price: $3,500 USD
Deposit Due Today: $500 USD

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